Dramatically expedite railroad tank car cleaning and reduce waste volumes with VPRX® and VPRX2®.

VPRX® and VPRX2® are proprietary, fully organic solvents formulated to speed up cleaning of railroad tank cars and reduce waste volumes by 90%. The patented chemical and application technology focuses on a vapor phase system that can eliminate the need to place personnel inside the car. They have a high solvency strength (150 kb – 4x the strength of diesel), effectively removing the toughest contaminants.

VPRX2® is available in low odor, to reduce concerns about smell.



Effectively removes LEL, H2S, benzene, crude oil, asphalt, fuel products, paraffin, and heavy oils.

Solvent-based cleaners with all oil soluble components. Products remain in the oil phase of the effluent after use and have very little impact on the water effluent. They add BTU value to oil effluent, while replacing water-based products and hazardous cleaners.

Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and free of chlorinated solvents and petroleum distillates. Safe for workers and the environment.

VPRX Case Study

VaporX® Cleaning Process

VaporX® Product Demonstration

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