BioChem Systems is a recognized leader in the development of systems-based, safe, non-hazardous industrial chemical cleaning solutions. We are committed to improving process efficiency, personal safety, and environmental stewardship through our safe solvents. BioChem Systems works across a broad scope of industry partners, including rail, refineries, pipeline petrochemical, oilfield and aerospace.   

Since the day BioChem was founded in 1984, our primary focus has been to replace hazardous chemicals in the workplace with safe alternatives, without compromising effectiveness. The legacy line of BioChem products originated with a request to replace 1, 1, 1 trichloroethane (TCA). BioChem quickly went to work with the primary objective of developing a product that cleaned as well as, or better than, TCA. This product had to be biodegradable and safe for workers and the environment. It could not contain chlorinated solvents, petroleum products, acids, caustics, or other hazardous chemicals. After one year of detailed lab testing and field evaluations, BioChem’s first product, Alpha-Bio T, was developed. Later that same year, the product was renamed Bio T Max.

Over 30 years later, BioChem has an extensive line of products developed with patented processes and technologies. We differentiate ourselves by doing more than simply selling products; we also serve as a trusted consultant for detailed cleaning strategies.

BioChem Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Refined Technologies. 

Our Mission

Above all, though, BioChem has always been a unique organization focused on making an eternal impact. We support our higher mission through strategic partnerships with outstanding non-profits, and we support our people through benevolence and enrichment programs.

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