SolSafe 245® – The premier parts washing solvent with up to 6 times longer bath life.

SolSafe 245® is a non-water, high strength, non-hazardous parts washing solvent that has up to 6 times longer bath life in parts washers when compared to mineral spirits. Safe for precision parts, it dries residue free, making it an ideal cleaner prior to painting, coating, bonding, plating, machining, and polishing. SolSafe 245® is available as liquid or aerosol, in a variety of convenient sizes:

  • 15-oz aerosol can (12 per case)
  • One-gallon containers (4 per case)
  • 5-gallon pails
  • 55-gallon drums
  • Tote and tanker quantities by request



The full-strength formulation easily removes tough contaminants like carbon, cosmoline, wax, grease, oil, polishing compounds and adhesives. The strong cleaning power is gentle enough to not harm delicate surfaces.

SolSafe 245® lowers total cleaning cost. The multi-purpose formulation helps reduce your solvent inventory by replacing other solvents like acetone, MEK, diesel, mineral spirits, and aromatics. The lower evaporation rate allows SolSafe 245® to remain on the cleaning surface for longer periods of time, extending product life.

Solsafe 245®’s proprietary formulation is safe for employees and the environment. Its light, clean scent makes it a preferred choice over strong aromatic odors. It is partially biodegradable, reducing environmental impact.

Components of Solsafe 245® do not appear on any of the EPA’s lists of toxic or hazardous substances, with flash point of 145F (TCC). Solsafe 245® is not considered hazardous for shipping by ground or air, according to IATA and U.S DOT regulations.

For more information or to order product today, please contact our technical team or call 800-777-7870.

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