Bio T Max®

Bio T Max® is the ultimate organic, fully concentrated, high strength solvent degreaser.

Bio T Max® ’s concentrated formula goes to work quickly with little effort, allowing you to easily rinse with water. It effectively cleans without harming substrates; enamel, brass, Formica, copper, porcelain and more.

Bio T Max® is an eco-friendly and non-hazardous solvent degreaser – safe for workers and the environment. Bio T Max ® is available in five-gallon pails, or 55-gallon drums.

Bio T Max®


Biodegradable, non-toxic, non- corrosive and free of chlorinated solvents and petroleum distillates.

Bio T Max® is water dilutable for many uses, reducing the number of solvents and SDS’s in your facility.

Bio T Max® complies with major regulatory guidelines, alleviating confusion and concerns associated with compliance.

High Solvency Power
Effectively dissolves heavy oil and grease, adhesives, inks, wax, asphalt and more.

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