CableClear® Wipes

Cable Clear® quickly and easily removes cable floodant, saving you time and money.

Cable Clear® is the ultimate safe solvent for detailed cable cleaning. Highly effective in telecommunication applications, it is an excellent alternative to dangerous solvents and petroleum-based cleaning agents.

Cable Clear® is available in towelettes (12 per pack; 6 packs per case) for quick and easy applications.

CableClear® Wipes


Effectively removes cable floodant, fiber optic gel, water blocks, C-cement, filling compounds, grease, oil, asphalt coatings, and other petroleum-based materials.

Field Tested
Independent lab testing and proven field usage shows Cable Clear® effectively cleans without detrimental effects on CATV tubing or sealing properties.

Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, no aliphatic hydrocarbons, and contains no water – will not freeze!

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