TarBuster® Wipes

Our original TarBuster® formulation now in a pre-soaked, heavy duty solvent wipe.

TarBuster® Wipes are shop-sized, pre-soaked solvent wipes that are individually packaged for incredibly long shelf life. The wipes reduce disposal of and dependence on aerosols and bulk liquids. They won’t dry out, and they won’t disappoint.

A versatile, yet powerful, solvent wipe ideal for cleaning:

  • Hand tools
  • Cutting tools
  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Precision parts

TarBuster® Wipes are available as a package of 75 9″x 10″ wipes.

TarBuster® Wipes


TarBuster® Wipes work immediately to loosen, dissolve, and absorb dirt and grease.

TarBuster® Wipes can be used on tough-to-clean substances, including lubricants, oils, asphalts, tar, wax, sealants, paint, epoxy, heavy grease, adhesives and more!

Smart Chemistry® Formulated
TarBuster® Wipes’ biodegradable formulation makes it an effective industrial-strength product, yet the wipes do not compromise workers’ safety.

Non-toxic and non-corrosive, the wipes are a perfect replacement for hazardous or petroleum distillate based products traditionally used for manual cleaning applications.

For more information or to order product today, please contact our technical team or call 800-777-7870.

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