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Smart Chemistry®

Smart Chemistry® is the means by which we provide non-hazardous, safe industrial chemical cleaning solvents and degreasers to our clients. BioChem doesn’t compromise effectiveness or safety along the way. Our Smart Chemistry® goes beyond product formulation to encompass how BioChem conducts business, setting our customers up for success.


Why should you choose BioChem as your partner?

Smart Chemistry®

This process sets us apart in the industry. It encompasses how we work to replace hazardous solvents with specialty chemicals you won’t find anywhere else on the market, how we operate our business, and how we set our customers up for success.

Safe. Effective. The Better Choice.


From our proprietary and patented chemistries to our application processes, we strive to keep your company using the best-in-class solvents and degreasers on the market.


We are environmental, social and governance focused. Our unwavering commitment to performance includes respecting the environment. We succeed in achieving the highest quality while refusing to compromise on personal and environmental safety.


We are vertically integrated with unique logistics and systemization, unmatched customer service, and rapid testing/R&D services.

Our Process

Environmental stewardship, corporate responsibility, and investing in local, regional, and global communities is an important part of BioChem Systems operations.

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